Romford’s Top Tourist Attractions

Romford is not the most popular spot for tourists who want to explore the UK capital, since it is situated in the more remote parts of East London. Still, the town is large in size and it is one is one of the biggest shopping, industrial and entertainment districts located in the suburbs of the English capital. Romford’s visitors can stop by many interesting local attractions, like:

  • Unique shopping locations
  • Historic pubs
  • Museums
  • Art galleries

Romford Market

Shopping at Romford Market is a must if you are in the town of Romford. It is among the oldest and biggest street markets in London. The market was first established in the 13th century as a place where people can sell their sheep. Today, Romford Market offers everything from groceries and toys to trendy clothing, souvenirs and jewellery. Apart from shopping, you can also stop for a coffee or a quick bite in one of the numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs located right next to the street stalls. Romford Market is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and it often hosts different events and fairs.

Pictured: Romford Market Place – 1939

Havering Museum

Havering MuseumAs the administrative centre of the borough of Havering, Romford is also home of the Havering Museum. Located in the central part of the town, the museum offers locals and tourists a glimpse into the history of Havering. Even though the facility opened in 2010, it already has a rich and diverse collection arranged into two permanent exhibits. In addition to that, there is a temporary gallery and a special learning area designed for children and school groups. Havering Museum also commemorates the borough’s most notable inhabitants. Therefore, it may be a good idea to kick off your Romford tour from here.

Pictured: Havering Museum in Romford

Romford Brewery

When visiting the Havering Museum, you should take a good look of the building in which it is set. The museum occupies one of the floors of what it used to be the Romford Brewery, which was opened in the late-18th century. Although the brewery was closed in 1993, it successful laid the foundations of one of the largest industries in Havering.

Places of worship

You may be surprised to see the great number of churches that are set in Romford. The most famous of them is probably St Edward the Confessor Church. It sits in the heart of the town and it is one of the oldest places of worship in the area. Although it was constructed in the 19th century, it was built on the place of another 15th-century church. St Edward the Confessor Church in Market Place should not be mistaken for Saint Edward the Confessor’s Church on Park End Road. The latter is a Roman Catholic church, while the latter is Anglican. Other places of worship in Romford that deserve to be seen include Salem Baptist Chapel, Saint Andrew’s and Trinity Methodist Church, which survived an arson, a flood and an attack.

Before you leave Romford, make sure you explore some of the many historic crossroads that used to pass through its territory in the past.