Romford’s Top Shopping Spots

Romford has been a market town for nearly 8 centuries. As a result, retailing has been the backbone of the district’s economy for many decades. The town offers a wide range of shopping opportunities and would certainly appeal to any shopaholic. Some of them even have no analogue in the London Borough of Havering.

Romford Market

One simply can’t go to Romford without stopping by Romford Market. This is one of the oldest and biggest open markets in south-east London. It was opened back in 1247 and initially it functioned as a sheep market. Today, however, it offers a wide diversity of products and it is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Apart from its 270 stalls, Romford Market also features a number of nice restaurants, cafes, bakeries and pubs.

Main shopping centres

Romford Shopping CentreRomford also has three main shopping centres on its territory which are known as The Liberty, The Mercury and The Brewery. All of them are situated closely to Romford Market and offer an impressive selection of shops and top brands. Opened in 2001, The Brewery is the newest of the three and it has a retail space of 530,000 sq. ft. The size of The Liberty is nearly twice as big. This is oldest main shopping centre in Romford and it currently has around 100 shops under its roof and a massive retail space of 1.1 million sq. ft. That makes The Liberty the largest shopping facility of its kind in Romford and one of the biggest in London.

Other great shopping spots in Romford

The town of Romford also has a number of smaller shopping facilities and a few nice shopping streets that are worth exploring. The most popular of them include:

  • Romford Shopping Hall
  • The Quadrant
  • Primark Romford
  • Romford’s High Street shops

If you plan to enjoy a shopping spree in Romford, start from the town centre. Most of the district’s top shops are set namely there.