Romford – famous locals

Romford is one of the nicest places in London to live in for a variety of reasons. The high number of notable personalities who either grew up there or simply chose to settle down in town is just one of them, but big enough not to be overlooked. Let’s have a look at just some of the most famous locals that make everyone in Romford proud:

  • Tony Parson is a journalist, broadcaster and author of many acclaimed books. He started out as a journalist for NME, covering the thriving London punk rock scene. But even before that, he was born and raised in Romford as the only child of working class parents. His early career is marked with the first cover story about The Clash, and he has written features about Sex Pistols, Blondie, Talking Heads, the Ramones, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, the New York Dolls and many more. He was a columnist for many newspapers and magazines. His novel Man and Boy was published in 1999 and has been translated in 39 countries.
  • Joe ColeJoe Cole is another notable member of the Romford community. He is one of the best known English midfielders today, currently signed with Coventry City. He had 120 matches with West Ham at the beginning of his career. It was in 2003 when Cole signed with Chelsea and as part of the dream-team he won three Premier League titles and two FA Cups. Impressive, right?
  • The five-piece sibling group Five Star hails from Romford as well. The boys and girls of the band were born here and actually started out their career from the studio their father and manager Buster Pearson arranged. The group was masterminded in a fashion very similar to the Jackson’s Five, and actually it has been compared to the American group quite often during their career. Can’t Wait Another Minute and System Addict remain some of the most memorable songs of Five Star.
  • Jessie JWhen we are talking about singers and performers who come from Romford, we simply cannot miss to mention the sensational Jessie J. Known, among other things, for her work on The Voice UK and The Voice Australia, Jessie has a string of albums and singles in the top 10 of the UK charts. She has sold over 20 million singles and 3 million albums worldwide and has had the privilege to sing at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert outside Buckingham Palace and the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London on 12 August. And yes, she is from Romford too!
  • Kevin Mitchell had a 12-year career as a professional boxer during which he held the Commonwealth and British super-featherweight titles. Mitchell was born and raised in Romford and he first started training here. Mitchell announced his retirement on 10 February 2016, before a match for the lightweight champion Edis Tatli in March. He was quoted by Sky Sports as saying “I’ve had a good think about it over the last week and I’m happily retired now. … I’ve been doing this 22 years and it’s time to call it a day and start a new chapter in my life.”
  • Cliff WilliamsNow, as a finish, let’s bring in the heavy guns. A very prominent and well-known member in the local community in Romford is none other but Cliff Williams himself. Yes, that is right – that is the bassist for AC/DC, the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and one of the most respected rock and roll musicians in the world as of today. His career has spanned for nearly forty years and he is still active in concerts and in the studio even today.