Entertainment Venues in romford

The town of Romford lies in the eastern parts of London in the Borough of Havering. It is one of the capital’s most populous districts with almost 100.000 inhabitants and is known throughout the city for its numerous churches. However Romford is also the location of two of London’s most popular and interesting entertainment venues: Brookside Theatre and Romford Greyhound Stadium.

Brookside Theatre

Brookside TheatreThe Brookside Theatre is one of the newest entertainment venues in the English capital as it was established in 2012. It staged its first production “Shout! The Mod Musical” in the same year. The entire revenue from the show was donated for the renovation of neglected Romford War Memorial. The monument comprises of several historic edifices which were opened in 1953 by Lt. –Col Sir Francis Whitmore, the Lord Lieutenant of Essex. The memorial honours the memory of all the residents, service personnel and civilians of the Borough of Romford that perished during the German raids of World War II.

Since then the Brookside Theatre has become one of London’s top entertainment venues and according to the latest numbers it welcomes approximately 7.000 spectators per year. While the number may seem low, one most take into account that the theatre has a limited capacity of 140 seats which basically means that all the staged productions are sold old throughout the year.

Throughout the years a large number of well-known actors and theatrical bands have performed at the Brookside Theatre. Amongst the most notable names are:

  • Derek Acorah
  • Steve Brookstein
  • Peter Dean
  • Mary Duff
  • Nicki French
  • The Honeycombs
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Chas Hodges
  • Tony Stockwell

The venue has also staged a large number of top tier in-house productions such as “Avenue Q”, “Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, “All the Fun of the Fair”, “The Woman in Black” and more. It has also hosted several world famous shows such as “The Addams Family”, “Veronica’s Room”, “… And this is my friend Mr. Laurel” and more.

Romford Greyhound Stadium

Romford Greyhound StadiumAlso known as the Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium this greyhound racing track is one of the few that are still standing and working in the English capital and the last in East London. It was opened during the late 1920s and since then has won numerous accolades including Racecourse of the Year by the British Greyhound Racing Board in 1998 and 2003.

The stadium has track with a circumference of 350 metres and hosts races of the following distances:

  • 225 metres
  • 400 metres
  • 575 metres
  • 750 metres
  • 925 metres

The venue consist of two stands with a total capacity of 4.300 seats. The stadium contains a large number of bars and restaurants where spectators can rest, relax and have a bite between events. It also has a children’s area where infants can play while their parents are watching the greyhound races.

The Romford Greyhound Stadium hosts several major events throughout the year including the Golden Sprint, the Essex Vase, the Puppy Cup and the world famous Champion Stakes which is broadcasted in several countries by a number of television including Sky Sports.

Some of the most popular racing greyhounds in the history of the sport have raced on the track of the Corral Romford Greyhound Stadium. Amongst the more popular dogs are Pearl’s Girl, Born Slippy and Sappy’s Curry. The animals are so famous for their racing achievement that numerous musicians and bands have named their songs after them.

As you can see the town of Romford has plenty to offer to its residents and guests in terms of entertainment so if you are living or passing by the area, take your time to explore these amazing venues and enjoy the shows that they have to offer.